William S. White Building to be Renovated in Near Future


Santiago Ochoa

The William S. White Building at night.

Bella Biafore, Writer

Continuing efforts to improve learning in many different career fields, UM-Flint will be renovating the William S. White Building to make the existing spaces within more efficient and flexible for students. 

The project will cost an approximate $3.4 million, which was approved by the University of Michigan Board of Regents during their monthly meeting on March 26, 2020. 

Estimated to be completed by Winter of 2021, these renovations will especially benefit students within the School of Nursing and the College of Health Sciences. 

Because of the renovation, CHS will now be able to offer the first University of Michigan Physician Assistant department and Occupational Therapy programs. UM-Flint will be the first of all three campuses to offer a Master of  Science Physician Assistant program as well. 

This renovation will alter approximately 21,000 square feet within the building and the following learning environments will be implemented:

  • Physician assistant teaching lab 
  • Expanded health assessment center 
  • Updates to the nursing simulation center
  • Additional office spaces
  • Active learning classrooms 
  • Physical therapy lab 

These renovations will elevate the existing spaces within the White Building and provide a more modern learning domain. They will  also include state of the art equipment and examination laboratories. 

“It’s going to have a lot of nice technology and help students to really have a great environment in which to do physical examinations and health assessment on people,” said SON Dean Margaret Andrews. 

Students can also look forward to a 60-seat computer classroom and modular furniture to make moving around easier and to promote a more active learning experience. 

Due to issues from COVID-19, much of the construction industry is out of work as most are considered non-essential. Because of this, the project bidding process has been pushed back. 

“Initial intent was to have the request for bid released last week, with the construction to have tentatively begun in mid-May. We are following the guidelines issued closely, and are altering our plans day-by-day,” said Ryan Craven, UM-Flint’s design project manager. 

While this project has been halted, SON and CHS students can expect a whole new learning experience in the near future once COVID-19 conditions improve.