Flint Justice Partnership Creates Website with Information About Resources For Flint Residents


Photo courtesy of FJP

Univeristy of Michigan Students have put together a website outlining all services available to Flint residents.

Gracie Warda, Writer

The Flint Justice Partnership (FJP), a community-based and UM Ann Arbor student-run organization, recently built a website to provide information to Flint residents about resources available to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our team put together this resource as a way to distribute valuable and necessary resources to the residents of Flint,” said Lindsay Miles, sophomore and nursing major at UM Ann Arbor. “We have worked to consolidate resources from other organizations to solely include those initiatives that are both current and functioning, as well as new opportunities that have become available as a result of COVID-19.”

FJP was founded by Miles, Quinn Nolan (a sophomore in the College of Literature, Science and Arts at UM Ann Arbor) and Michal Ruprecht (a neuroscience major and sophomore at UM-Ann Arbor). After the Flint Water Crisis, these students looked to serve the Flint community and work with the Michigan Community Scholars Program, Crossing Water, Food Bank of Eastern Michigan and Hurley Medical Center. 

“FJP is built on the idea of partnerships and long-term, sustainable work,” said Nolan. “We educate students about the water crisis through dialogues, information sessions and social media. We also serve and connect with the Flint community through our partner organizations.”

The resource page is one way that FJP has reached out to the Flint community. It includes information about food, water, healthcare, mental health and education. The page was a collaborative effort, but was coded by Ruprecht. 

“… Our work is always about partnerships,” said Ruprecht. “Our executive board team and partner organizations were all part of this effort.”