Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, September 2

Santiago Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief

Student Government held it’s first General Assembly of the semester via Zoom meeting.

President Samantha Uptmor swore in the members of this year’s executive board. New and returning members are.

  • Carl Grolle, Vice President
  • Kamryn Hoadley, Director of Administrative Affairs
  • Genevieve Heydt, Director of Financial Affairs
  • Fernando Ramirez-Medina, Director of Government and Legal Affairs
  • Levi Todd, Director of Foreign Outreach
  • Omar Elnour, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Harley Brown, Director of Media Relations
  • Armani Alexander, Director of Student Organizations and Partnership Board
  • Amena Shukairy, Director of Student Relations

This year’s senate consists of:

  • Angela Wang, Senator
  • Donald Weismiller, Senator

Uptmor was the first to give updates on SG’s work over the summer months. During her introduction, she talked about having frequently with vice president Grolle and Julie Snyder, PhD, Dean of Students and Student Government Advisor. 

Uptmor stated many of those meetings were spent making plans on how to approach the 20/21 academic year in a way that would allow SG to promote its platform centered around “student and civic engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, and environmental and institutional sustainability.”

Furthermore, Uptmor talked about several reports she submitted to the University of Michigan Board of Regents regarding student life and SG’s ongoing projects. She said those reports will soon be made publicly available on the Student Government website.

These projects included collaborations with directors Todd and Elmour and are focused on providing students with information about the upcoming presidential elections and voter registration. 

Vice president Grolle shared in his update to SG that he spent his summer working on an incoming senators packet that would contain information on how to access campus resources, draft bills and learn SG meeting decorum. 

Director Todd announced his city engagement plan which aims to strengthen the bond between SG and the greater Flint community. The plan’s first event will be on Monday, Sep. 7 at the Flint Latinx center where SG and other groups will be handing out free meals from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. to essential worker as part of a Labor Day celebration.  “Let’s celebrate our essential workers for their hard work and sacrifice during this pandemic,” Todd said. 

The event will be drive-through only and 350 meals will be served. There will also be an iPad giveaway for individuals who register for the census. 

Other projects from directors included taking a closer look at the constitution in order to create an emergency protocol to serve as guidelines for how SG should operate during an event like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Senator Wang and Director Medina sponsored resolution 2020-001 which aims to “temporarily modify the Senate application and campaigning process.”

Traditionally, the senate application requires a potential senator to receive 100 signatures from members of the UM-Flint student body. This means in-person contact and contact with shared surfaces like clipboards and pens. 

In order to rectify this, the resolution brings the signature requirement down to 50 students and the medium for signing to online-only. 

The resolution was passed unanimously.

Senator Weismiller and Director Elmour sponsored Bill 2020-001 which asked for $180 to be taken out of SG’s general fund and be used toward expenses for the Essential Workers Celebration event.

The bill passed unanimously. 

SG general assemblies will be held every Wednesday of the week. A link to the Zoom meeting can be found on the SG website or by clicking here.