Recap of Student Government’s General Assembly for Wednesday, October 7

Lauren Hackett, Managing Editor

A new bill was presented and Phase II of the Flint First Initiative was discussed during the Student Government General Assembly meeting that took place on Wednesday, Oct. 7. 

Director of Student Relations Amena Shukairy presented Bill 2020-003, which calls for $200 in prize money for students who complete two SG-sponsored surveys. $100 would go to a student who takes the Student Legal Services survey, and $100 would go to a student who takes the upcoming Telehealth Services survey. 

The results of both surveys will go toward gauging the need for these new services at UM-Flint and potentially making them a permanent part of student life. 

Bill 2020-003 will be voted on in next week’s SG General Assembly meeting, which will occur on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. 

Director of Foreign Outreach Levi Todd and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Omar Elnour shared their work on Phase II of the Flint First Initiative, which features an event called the Day of Action. 

This event, according to Director Elnour, is “a large scale community effort to deliver voter and census information to 21,000 doors in the city of Flint.” It will take place on Saturday, Oct. 17 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and will require the aid of 300 volunteers, who will be dispersed to six different locations in Flint. 

Anyone interested in signing up to volunteer at this event can do so here

This Day of Action comes weeks after SG’s first Day of Action, the Celebrating Essential Workers event, where SG members and other student volunteers served over 350 lunches to essential workers in Flint. 

Director Todd revisited Bill 2020-002, which asks for SG to extend $3500 to this Day of Action. $2500 would go to supplying volunteers with breakfast, and $1000 would go toward providing volunteers with T-shirts. 

SG members moved to adopt this bill. 

President Samantha Uptmor updated members on her time with the Campus Climate Advisory Committee at UM-Ann Arbor. With this committee, she discussed ways to politically engage students leading up to and following the presidential election. SG General Assembly meetings take place every Wednesday at 7 p.m. and can be accessed by visiting SG’s website or clicking here.