Recap of Student Government General Assembly Meeting for Wednesday, November 4

In the Student Government General Assembly meeting that took place on Wed., Nov. 4, a new bill was presented and officers’ work in the presidential election was discussed. 

Joined by other SG members, President Samantha Uptmor and Vice President Carl Grolle thanked students who exercised their right to vote on or before Nov. 3. They expressed how refreshing it was to see so many young people at the polls, whether working or voting. 

Vice President Grolle went on to remind students that no candidate wins the election until every last ballot has been counted. As the UM-Flint community awaits election results, he encouraged students to check in with one another and be kind. 

Kamryn Hoadley, Director of Administrative Affairs, discussed her work interning as an election clerk in Mount Morris Township. According to Hoadley, the township received a much higher number of absentee ballots in this year’s presidential election than ever before. 

Sponsored by Director of Student Relations Amena Shukairy and Director of Financial Affairs Genevieve Heydt, Bill 2020-004 was presented. The bill involves funding for a “Student Government Among Us Event,” where students will be able to gather via Zoom and play Among Us. It asks for $400 for an iPad that will be awarded to one student who attends the event. 

Bill 2020-004 has yet to be voted on, and the amount of money it suggests will be reexamined and potentially raised.

Director Shukairy also shared her work on a survey for Student Health Services, which will be launched along with a Student Legal Services survey. There will be prizes available to some of the students who complete each survey. 

Director Heydt discussed a change to SG’s budget in her report. On Nov. 2, the funding board decided to allocate $100 to the Indian Student Association (ISA), which will go toward the ISA’s virtual Bollywood dance class on Nov. 19. 

According to Heydt, this brings the funding board’s budget to $19,900 out of $20,000. 

Julie Snyder, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students, and SG’s advisor, reminded students that registration for Winter 2020 has commenced. This process begins on Nov. 16 for graduate students and seniors with over 100 credit hours. Students will be able to register on certain days from then until Nov. 24, depending on their class standing. More information about registering for winter classes can be found here

SG’s General Assembly meetings are open to the student body and occur every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The Zoom link can be obtained by visiting SG’s website or by clicking here