Recap of Student Government General Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, November 11

In the Student Government General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 11, Aidan Leach, a freshman Political Science major, was appointed to Senate and multiple bills were presented. 

President Samantha Uptmor swore in Senator Leach, who will begin his term by working with Director of Government and Legal Affairs, Fernando Ramirez-Medina, to address the needs of students living in residence halls. 

Vice President Carl Grolle spent his week following up with two other potential members of Senate. The application is posted on SG’s website, and is open to anyone interested.  

Initially presented last week, Bill 2020-004 was revisited by Director of Student Relations, Amena Shukairy. The bill now calls for $350 as opposed to $400 in funding for an iPad, which will be given to one student who attends the upcoming Among Us game night. All money not used will be returned to the Senate account. 

Bill 2020-004 was adopted unanimously, and a date for this virtual game night will be determined in coming weeks. 

Director Shukairy also presented Bill 2020-005, which asks for $100 in prize money for one student who completes a survey that will help gauge student interest in Student Legal Services (SLS). 

Bill 2020-006 requests $110, $100 of which will be awarded to any one student who attends the “Student Government and One University Collaboration Event.” 

Though details for this event are still being worked out, Director Shukairy said its aim is to celebrate steps taken by the One University coalition to ensure that students at UM-Flint and UM-Dearborn have access to the same resources as students at UM-Ann Arbor. 

Pilot programs for SLS and student telehealth services, which launched Sep. 16, will be two key topics of discussion. 

Director of Financial Affairs, Genevieve Heydt, presented an amended version of the Funding Board agreement. The original agreement required that all allocation requests be submitted to the Funding Board at least three weeks before the date of an event. The amended agreement allows for an exception to be made for student organizations that can “demonstrate pre-planning and extenuating circumstances.” 

Director Heydt’s amendment was adopted unanimously. According to Vice President Grolle, the exception was made because of COVID-19 related differences in the operation of student organizations. 

SG advisor and Dean of Students, Julie Snyder, Ph.D, discussed an email sent out to all students, faculty and staff on behalf of the Reopening Committee during her report. The email includes a comprehensive update on the increasing number of campus COVID-19 cases and the plan for a winter semester that is 80% online. 

This decision comes as emails confirming positive COVID-19 cases grow more frequent. During the meeting, an email was sent out by Reopening Committee Chair, Mike Hague, confirming that seven UM-Flint community members tested positive for COVID-19. 

Two academic days of rest are scheduled for Winter 2021, to account for students’ mental health during the pandemic. These “well-being breaks,” during which no academic activities will be scheduled, are set for Feb. 24 and March 23. 

SG General Assembly meetings take place every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The Zoom link appears on SG’s website, or can be accessed directly by clicking here.