Recap of Student Government General Assembly Meeting on Wednesday, December 9

Lauren Hackett, Managing Editor

In the Student Government General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 9, officers reflected on Fall 2020 and passed a resolution that simplifies the Presidential/Vice Presidential campaigning process. 

Originally, students interested in running for a Presidential/Vice Presidential position would have needed to obtain 150 written student signatures as part of their application process. Resolution 2020-003 makes it so only 75 student signatures are required, and allows for those signatures to be recorded on online platforms such as Google Forms. 

This is to remain in tune with the physical distancing guidelines present at UM-Flint, and to keep SG positions accessible to all students despite COVID-19 keeping many within the confines of their home.

The application process for the 2021-2022 Presidential/Vice Presidential term will begin early in Winter 2021, according to Vice President Carl Grolle. 

During his officer report, VP Grolle shared that he’s been meeting with Christopher Pearson, Ph.D, Dean of UM-Flint’s new College of Innovation and Technology (CIT). VP Grolle hopes to raise awareness among students interested in attending the CIT, which opens in Fall 2021, and to strengthen SG’s partnerships with the Deans of various colleges at UM-Flint. 

VP Grolle has also been in meetings with a committee of both Senators and Executive Board members, to address the differences between these two positions and increase their ability to work together effectively. 

In his report, Director of of Foreign Outreach Levi Todd expressed his pride in SG’s work with the Flint First Initiative for Fall 2020.

In Phase I of the initiative, student volunteers provided lunches to over 350 essential workers. Phase II involved student volunteers spreading voting information to over 9,850 Flint households. Director Todd looks forward to Phase III of the initiative, which students can expect to see in Winter 2021. 

Director of Student Relations Amena Shukairy thanked the students who completed the Student Legal Services and Telehealth Services surveys.

Each survey got about 400 responses, all containing feedback that will help increase the effectiveness of the two pilot programs. The winners of the $100 gift cards associated with these surveys have been decided on and notified. 

Though this was the last General Assembly meeting of Fall 2020, weekly meetings will start  again on Wednesday, January 20, at 7 p.m. These meetings are open to all UM-Flint community members, and can be accessed via Zoom by clicking here