Recap of Student Government General Assembly on Wednesday, October 13


Santiago Ochoa

The William S. White Building at night.

Josie Anderson, Managing Editor

Dr. Fry discussed the progress the DEI has undergone since 2017 to the upcoming “Train the Trainer” sessions for faculty and implementation of DEI curriculum beginning in 2022. The sessions will take place in November and be implemented in classrooms the following winter semester.

“Our faculty will be more capable of handling those [DEI-related] discussions in the classroom, leading the discussions,” Dr. Fry said. “This is the first time our faculty has agreed to do something curricularly across all our programs … I’m really proud of our faculty for making that commitment and investing in it.”

Dr. Fry also announced a session for minority students taking place on Monday, Nov. 8th where a guest speaker will be attending via zoom at 6:00 p.m. The session is open to all students. “Anybody who feels they fit within a minority population, come join us,” Fry said.

Shbeib Dabaja, director of financial affairs, announced Student Government is continuing to accept applications from prospective senators and will begin accepting funding application forms from student organizations next week.

Levi Todd, Student Government president, administered the Oath of Office to Student Government’s newest senator, Lina Azeim.

Frankie McIntosh, director of foreign outreach, and Timothy Brooks, director of student organizations and partnerships, proposed Senate Bill S.B. 2021-001, which would supply funding for the Wolverine Homecoming parade. The bill will be voted on next week.

McIntosh also made a reminder about the upcoming Wolverine Homecoming parade. “Please save the date, Friday, Oct. 29th,” McIntosh said. “Show up, show out.”