Recap of Student Government Meeting on Wednesday, October 20

Student Government continues to pass bills to secure funding for the upcoming Wolverine Homecoming masquarade and parade.

Courtesy of OneClass

Student Government continues to pass bills to secure funding for the upcoming Wolverine Homecoming masquarade and parade.

Ania Redmond, Writer

The Student Government General Assembly on Wednesday, Oct. 20, discussed vaccine mandates, winter registration, the passing of a bill and the proposition of a new one.

Senate Bill 2021-001 regarding funding for the Wolverine Homecoming Parade was passed and Senate Bill 2021-002, the “Homecoming Dance” bill, was proposed. Student Government Advisor, Julie Snyder, Ph.D, presented updates about policies regarding the school’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate by announcing the mandate will remain in effect for the winter 2022 semester.

Snyder also encouraged students to mark their calendars for Monday, Nov. 15. as the start of winter registration. 

“It is important if you need to see an academic advisor to schedule those appointments now,” said Snyder.

Members of the Student Government also continued to prepare for UMF’s first annual Wolverine Homecoming parade, as Senate Bill 2021-001, the “Homecoming Parade Bill,” was amended and passed unanimously. This is set to include a float making competition in which the organization ranked first on the basis of design will have the opportunity to win a grand prize of $1,000.

According to Timothy Brooks, director of student organizations and partnerships, the event gives the chance for “current students, alumni, and our community to come together and celebrate and honor the rich history of the of University of Michigan-Flint, while reinvigorating a sense of school pride and the vitality of our city.”

Senate Bill 2021-002 sponsored by Jennah Khirfan, director of media relations, and Shbeib Dabaja, director of financial affairs, was proposed. 

The bill, known as the “Homecoming Dance Bill,” discusses the potential funding of a Wolverine Homecoming Dance to take place on Thursday, Oct. 28 from 6-9 p.m. at the Northbank Center. The bill includes a $9,920 budget for decorations, food, a photographer and other amenities. 

The dance is also said to model aspects of a traditional high school homecoming dance, including its very own homecoming court with the chance to be crowned royalty. 

Senator Alexandria Craven welcomed the student body to “gather and celebrate the history and diversity of the University of Michigan-Flint while also creating a rich history ourselves.” The bill is set to be voted on next week.