Todd and Shukairy Administration Want to Create Lasting Traditions

Photo by Sara Alouh

Photo by Sara Alouh

Sara Alouh, Writer

Levi Todd and Amena Shukairy have been the president and vice president, respectively, of Student Government at UM-Flint this past year. As a duo, they have really focused on being advocates for UM-Flint students and building traditions for future administrations. 

Shukairy, who was previously the Director of Student Relations, is a Mathematics TCP major and is working towards her dream of being a high school mathematics teacher. She chose to run in February of 2020 when Todd had asked her to be his running mate. Shukairy saw it as a great opportunity for her future career. 

“Student advocacy, that’s something that as a teacher I’m going to be doing a lot,” said Shukairy. 

Recently, Student Government put on the first-ever Wolverine Homecoming Parade at UM-Flint. 

“I do think it is the start of something big,” said Shukairy. “It is a huge event that if we continued in the future can build a bridge between UM-Flint and the Flint community, which is highly needed.” 

This year as well, Student Government worked closely with the One University Coalition to bring the Go Blue Guarantee to UM-Flint. 

However, some students argue that Student Government is not doing enough to address pressing concerns such as housing and food insecurity amongst the student population, which were among the issues brought up at the recent State of the Student Address on November 9th. 

Given the concerns brought up at the event, Shukairy stated that Student Government wants to really focus on those issues. Topics such as lack of communication between students and faculty, inclusivity with bringing menstrual products to all bathrooms on campus, mental health of students, and online class workloads are all things that this administration is actively looking into. 

When asked about what she wants her legacy to be, Shukairy kept it simple. “For me, I just want to leave with the thought of knowing that I’ve actually helped students,” said Shukairy. 

To bring concerns to their awareness, students can contact Student Government through their email, in person, or through social media.