Letter from the staff


Hello all, long time no see! The paper hasn’t been published in a while, and there are all fresh faces over here. With this in mind, what better time for an introduction? Here’s a little “hello” from us over here at the Michigan Times.


My name is Kaitlyn Bergman and I write for the paper. I wanted to become a part of this organization in order to gain a better understanding of the community. This has been wonderful to be a part of as not only am I improving my skills, but I have also been able to foster wonderful connections while experiencing many new situations that have taught me a lot. I feel very fortunate for all of the opportunities that it has brought me, and I’m very excited to progress further and continue improving what I can do for The Michigan Times.


Hey, everyone! My name is Luis Martinez, and I’m a writer. I am excited to start this year off, especially with everyone coming back to campus. I hope this semester can allow the UM-Flint community to interact together and understand why we are here. This university and this city have a lot of history and are at a point where major events are occurring with the transformation plan and campus reopening. I hope we can all do our part to be involved with our studies and the campus community as it can smooth our rigorous work here. 


Last but not least, I’m Eleni Batsios, the editor-in-chief here. I knew very little about journalism walking into this job, but I really fell in love with it as the semester progressed. I love being able to tell people’s stories on campus, and I’m more involved in student life than ever before. I agree with what both Luis and Kaitlyn said about being a member of the community. All three of us are dedicated to finding who can speak on UM-Flint’s place in the world, so I hope you’ll stay tuned for future editions! I’m excited to see what the future of the newspaper holds.


It’s nice to be acquainted, we’ll see you guys around! Feel free to wander around the website to read past and current stories. Our office is on the third floor of UCEN if you want to stop by!