Inclusive Halloween has a successful return to campus

Kaitlyn Bergman, Writer


There was something for everyone to enjoy at the Inclusive Halloween event held on Oct. 28.


It was apparent just how impactful the event was, with individuals of all ages, each having unique needs and interests, were all able to enjoy festivities and be comfortable during an event that aims to provide inclusivity to all.


Trick-or-treaters had the choice to enter “scary” or “happy” rooms. For those who don’t enjoy dark spaces, spiders, or scary monsters, they were able to enjoy traditional Halloween celebrations in a way that included them. A therapy dog and an American Sign Language interpreter were also on hand to provide assistance if needed. 


One unique feature of the event was the silent disco in McKinnon Plaza, where guests were provided with remote headsets playing music. These headsets provided a way for dancers to control the volume of the music playing, that way no one was left uncomfortable by the sound, and were able to listen as they pleased. The excitement continued as Wolverine Trooper and other Star Wars characters made appearances.  


Laura Martin, administrative assistant for the School of Education and Human Service and organizer of the Inclusive Halloween event said she worked hard on this year’s event. 


“We aimed to provide a celebration where every individual should feel welcomed, accepted and safe.”


As guests were leaving at the end of the night, many shouted thank-yous and praise. One mother even mentioned how it had been “the best one there is” when it comes to Halloween events. 


Those with special needs were included in a way where everyone came together for fun in an inclusive environment. Over 250 people attended the event.