Informing Students

Kaitlyn Bergman, Writer

Time is a very precious and limited resource, particularly for busy college students. So, how can students stay informed in a way that works?

What is the value of being involved? A strong campus life helps keep students academically motivated. It creates a sense of belonging, and it helps develop a healthy support system.

Truly, to be involved is an investment of time. 

One of our goals at the Michigan Times is to keep students informed. But, it is difficult for the responsibility of informing our students to fall onto just one organization, no matter which it may be. How can students keep themselves informed? 

The office of Student Involvement and Leadership periodically emails Maize & Blue Event Hubs. This is a great way for students to see upcoming events through our University. All organizations are included in this newsletter. 

Wolverine Weekly is another resource that is emailed out to students so that they can stay informed on University happenings. Yet, flooded inboxes are inevitable for most and email is not a primary form of communication for many individuals. What other options are there?

Students can utilize CampusConnections, the new service for members of our University. It works similarly to social media, including the option to send direct messages which makes it possible for students to be able to ask questions and communicate in a form other than email. 

Another option is social media – many of our organizations post on Instagram and Facebook where they update their current events. Accounts such as Student Government on Instagram encourage others to utilize direct messages and send in any questions.

How is anyone supposed to keep track of all of this? Utilizing resources such as a calendar on your phone or a physical planner can help manage all of the events you wish to fit into your schedule.

When members of our community are informed of happenings, it is far easier for them to get involved. This is an invaluable aspect of our campus because the community is what makes us who we are. There is a great impact when all who live, learn and work at our University come together to accomplish greatness.