Empower [YOU] Carries On


Photo Credit: Media Submitted

Amir Baz

The Empower [YOU] M-Flint party has won the elections for the next Student Government term.

Congratulations are in order for our new President and Vice President of Student Government, Amged Eidelsafy and Michael James. They will be taking office in May. Jacinda Kitts, Blair Davis, Abdelmajid Jondy, Liina Eltahir and Adbul Salman will now be serving as senators.

The current Student Government administration isn’t going to stop working until moving day comes around. Most of their platform and pilot programs will be carried, and they will be leaving the office with high hopes for future Student Government administrations. The MTA bus services and app tracker, sexual assault awareness platform, cultural competence initiative, strides in higher education, and the library initiative are just some of the projects that were initiated and accomplished by this Student Government.

“It’s really important with continuing parties because we’ve worked our hardest to set relationships up with administrators, staff and different faculty members. So when it comes down to it a year is not enough time,” said Vice President Diamond Wilder.

Everything that is on the platform is what Nakshidil Sadien and Wilder hope are passed on. For the two of them, being able to witness the party that they created last election and having that same party win again was exciting for them.

Along with Advocacy week, the library also did its “Bring Your Own Books” event this past semester. This marks the fourth semester where the library has stayed open for 72 hours in order for students to come and study for finals.

“The resilience that our team as a whole has shown since the start of our administration… Constantly coming up with ways and solutions to solve issues that have come up on campus,” said Sadien.

Some of the pilot programs that have come to an end with this semester are the MCAT pilot program and the Library pilot program. With the information from both of these, this administration will be able to pass on the data to the next one.

The library pilot program showed results that students do not study after midnight as much and that there isn’t a necessity to be open that late at the moment. However, with the MCAT pilot program they were able to get different results. Instead of teaching the course over one semester and covering both subjects, it will be broken up into two parts so all the information can be handled. Student Government and the Student Success Center are looking to start it in the fall. They are working out the kinks as to who will be in charge of this program for the future.

We look toward our future and the next student government administration taking power come this May with high hopes and expectations for them. We thank President Sadien and Vice President Wilder along with their hardworking senate body and executive board for their dedication and work this past year and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

“Now is your time to take control of your possibilities and realize your true potential. Work hard and play hard and dare to be different,” said Sadien.