Get Involved!


Amir Baz

Know your Orgs: SG, BSU, CAB & The Greeks

The fall semester at UM-Flint provides new and current students with the opportunity to get involved with student organizations, to participate in many new and exciting activities and to shine as a student.

There are several clubs, student organizations and academic groups that students are urged to check out that offer a welcoming and fun environment.  Student Government, Black Student Union, Campus Activities Board and Greek Life are just a few of the groups that can help a student find his or her place on campus.

Student Government gives students the chance to interact with their peers and campus as a whole on a more personal level. A Student Government representative’s role is to advocate for fellow students within our campus as well as outside of it. Student Government can help organizations fund events but also coordinates and partners in its own, such as last year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week. The organization can also act as a bridge between students and the University administration.  The current SG president is Amged Eidelsafy and his Vice President is Mike James along with their new cabinet. There is always room for incoming members, so be sure to visit the SG office, located at 364 UCEN to meet the members and to introduce yourself.  

Black Student Union, which is a group dedicated to bringing cultural awareness to light on campus,  is one of the newest and most active major student organizations. The organization is open to all students who want  to have an interactive role with social justice issues and cultural awareness. Jaslyn Morris,  president of Black Student Union said, “Students should expect to see our name on discussions, trips and other events…” so be sure to check them out.

Campus Activities Board, also known as CAB, puts on events throughout the year that engage our students and provide relief from the stress of classes with activities and outings such as Tigers baseball game trips, raffles, magic shows, movie nights, or the popular “Casino Night”. Alexis Cucchiara is the president this year and they are always looking for new students who want  to bring more laughs, smiles and good times to our campus.

Last not but not least, we have UM-Flint Greek Life. Greek Life is a great way to get involved in a new environment and create new bonds with different people you never thought you would meet.  Greek Life is open to all and any types of students that are attending our university. Be sure to check out the different fraternities and sororities at Meet the Greeks on Sept 8th from 5 to 7 p.m. in McKinnon Plaza.