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Flint Local NewsAttorney pledges to uphold Flint councilman Mays' fight for justice

Attorney pledges to uphold Flint councilman Mays’ fight for justice

Flint, Michigan – In the wake of Flint city councilman Eric Mays’ sudden passing over the weekend, his attorney, Joseph Cannizzo, has pledged to continue the series of lawsuits Mays had initiated against the city and various entities. The loss of the controversial figure, known for his fervent advocacy and frequent clashes with fellow council members, marks a significant moment for the city. However, according to Cannizzo, Mays’ legal challenges will persist in both federal and state courts, ensuring his client’s battle for justice lives on.

Eric Mays served on the Flint city council for a decade

Mays, who had served on the Flint city council for a decade, was a figure of intense debate, often finding himself at odds with other council members and facing suspensions, even being physically removed from council meetings at times. Despite these controversies, Mays was a staunch advocate for his ward and a vigilant overseer of the city’s financial decisions, particularly concerning the allocation of public funds.

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Among the notable legal actions led by Mays were lawsuits challenging his temporary suspension by the city council last summer and opposing the City of Flint’s methodology in distributing the federal American Rescue Plan funds. Although a circuit court judge deemed Mays’ lawsuit on the latter issue frivolous last November—a decision Mays vowed to appeal—Cannizzo emphasizes that these cases, including those alleging violations of Mays’ civil rights, remain active and will proceed.

Cannizzo’s statement underscores the unique determination of Mays to seek accountability and transparency within Flint’s governance, a mission that he suggests Mays would want to continue even posthumously.

“If Mr. Mays could communicate a message from beyond the grave, I think he would say that he would fully support us continuing to fight,” Cannizzo said, highlighting the late councilman’s unwavering commitment to his causes.

Mays’ attorney wants to pursue the lawsuits as intended

The attorney revealed that discussions are underway regarding the future of these lawsuits, including the potential addition of new plaintiffs to ensure the litigation can continue effectively. This strategic planning indicates the legal team’s dedication to upholding Mays’ legacy of advocacy and their commitment to pursuing the issues he championed.

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Eric Mays, who passed away from natural causes at the age of 65, left behind a complex legacy. His tenure on the city council was marked by passionate defense of his constituents and persistent questioning of Flint’s leadership and financial practices. Despite his often-contentious relationship with fellow council members and legal challenges, including a recent probation sentence for disorderly conduct, Mays’ impact on Flint’s political landscape and his legal battles against the city will continue to resonate, as his attorney and legal team forge ahead in his absence.