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Michigan NewsMichigan Department of Transportation wants your opinion on how the state should...

Michigan Department of Transportation wants your opinion on how the state should fund road infrastructure

Michigan – From January 30 to March 1, people living in Michigan can share their thoughts about how the Michigan Department of Transportation should fund roads, bridges, and transportation stuff in the state by taking part in a new survey about road use charges. Everyone who fills out the survey gets a $10 gift card. You can join in by visiting

This survey is run by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Via Transportation, Inc. (Via), with money from a federal grant. They want to find out what people in Michigan think about different ways to pay for roads instead of the gas tax. Right now, the government isn’t planning to change anything, but this survey is a first step in looking for new methods to keep our public transport and roads good without being unfair.

One idea is to charge drivers a little bit for every mile they drive, not by how much gas they use. This could help people who can’t afford new cars that don’t use much gas. It also means Michigan can keep fixing roads as cars use less gas or none at all.


To take the survey, you need to live in Michigan, be at least 18 years old, and you can only fill it out one time. People who fit the bill and do the survey might get asked to join a test run this fall. This test will help figure out if charging by the mile is a good idea for Michigan. If you’re into it, say so in the survey. Joining this test could mean getting extra rewards from $75 to $500.

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Wait around two weeks to get your gift card by email. It’ll come from mailto:[email protected], with a note saying “Michigan Department of Transportation sent you a gift card.” If there’s a problem with the survey, shoot an email to mailto:[email protected]using the email you gave in the survey.


The survey is in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. If you need help because of mobility, sight, hearing, reading, or other reasons, you should reach out to Orlando Curry at 517-241-7462 or mailto:[email protected]. You can find the forms on the Title VI webpage. They’ll try their best to meet your needs.

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About Via Transportation

Started in 2012, Via was the first to create the TransitTech sector, using new tech to make public transport systems better. Via aims to change how we get around, offering its technology to 600 places in over 35 countries. Via is helping MDOT with this survey and testing new tech for charging for road use in Michigan.