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Michigan NewsMichigan Education Trust to provide free books to 19 Michigan school libraries...

Michigan Education Trust to provide free books to 19 Michigan school libraries as part of National Reading Month

Michigan – As part of National Reading Month, Michigan has started an ambitious program to get books to young people across the state. The goal is to encourage reading and literacy among young people and help them get in love with reading. The Michigan Education Trust (MET) manages this educational project that is making great progress in supplying the libraries of 19 public schools with a wide range of reading materials.

The American Library Association has long pushed the benefits of reading, pointing out that reading a variety of books can help with critical thinking, comprehension, and the growth of empathy and understanding. In line with these ideas, MET’s program aims to not only improve schools’ learning tools but also get students excited about reading.

Schuler Books is a well-known and loved independent bookstore in Michigan with locations in Grand Rapids, Okemos, Ann Arbor, and West Bloomfield. Each of the schools that are taking part will receive gift cards worth more than $1,000. MET’s anniversary celebrations will go on longer than planned thanks to this generous donation. It shows a commitment to educational excellence and accessibility. It’s interesting that the program was open to schools across the state and didn’t use tax money to buy the gifts.

Megan Patino, deputy director of MET, talked about how reading fits in with the greater goal of education.

“Filling bookshelves at our schools complements MET’s fundamental objective to prepare Michigan’s children for their future educational needs,” said Megan Patino, deputy director of MET, in a press release. “The gift of learning begins with reading in the same way that the gift of education begins with saving for school.

Many schools from all over the state are benefiting from this program. The wide distribution of the books makes sure that kids in many parts of Michigan will be able to use them to discover new places, ideas, and stories.

For teachers, parents, and students alike, this program stands as a beacon of hope because it shows how working together can improve educational results. As more books are added to school libraries, they create a world of endless possibilities and help develop readers who are not only educated but also caring and in-depth thinkers.

In honor of National Reading Month, this Michigan program is an excellent opportunity to put into perspective how important reading is for a child’s education and the health of the community as a whole.

Michigan schools receiving books are:

  • Arno Elementary School, Allen Park
  • Auburn Elementary School, Auburn
  • Beechnau Elementary School, Ravenna
  • Corunna Middle School, Corunna
  • Corunna High School, Corunna
  • Elsa Meyer Elementary School, Corunna
  • Frank Brown Elementary School, New Boston
  • Glenn Public School, Glenn
  • Hillman Elementary School, Hillman
  • McAlear-Sawden Elementary School, Bay City
  • Nellie Reed Elementary School, Corunna
  • Regent Park Scholars Academy, Detroit
  • Sodus Township School District No. 5 — River School, Sodus Township
  • Star International Academy, Dearborn Heights
  • Summit Academy North Elementary School, Romulus
  • Voyager Elementary School, Howell
  • Washington Elementary School, Bay City
  • Watervliet South Elementary School, Watervliet
  • Wegienka Elementary School, Brownstown