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Michigan NewsTrump destroys Nikki Haley in Michigan, wins all presidential delegates

Trump destroys Nikki Haley in Michigan, wins all presidential delegates

Michigan – The Michigan Republican Party gave all 39 of its remaining presidential delegates to Donald Trump in a clear show of support in his bid to win the Republican nomination. This once again demonstrates that he is considered to as the leader of the party as the country prepares for the November election. This decision, which was made at a convention on Saturday, highlights Trump’s unwavering influence over the GOP base in Michigan, which is a key battleground state that could be very important in the election.

Trump brings the divided Republican party in Michigan together

The result of the convention showed that Trump could bring together the party’s divided and conflicting groups, even though the Michigan GOP is still going through ongoing division, chaos, and legal problems. Precinct delegates gave Trump a total of 1,575 votes, while Nikki Haley only got 36 votes, putting her in a very distant second place.

“Clearly, Michigan is Trump country,” said Pete Hoekstra, Chair of the Michigan GOP. He took over the party after Kristina Karamo was.

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The stage was set few days ago when Trump beat Haley in Michigan’s Republican primary on February 27. Trump got 68% of the vote while Haley won only 27%. But most of Michigan’s GOP delegates were handed out at the convention on Saturday. Trump strengthened his lead by getting all 39 presidential delegates, which means he got close to 90% of the vote in all 13 congressional districts.

Michigan has a unique two-part primary process because the Democrats moved the state into an early primary slot, which was against the rules of the national Republican Party. This hasn’t stopped Trump’s progress, though. Trump is almost certain to win the Republican nomination soon after Super Tuesday. He has already won every presidential race so far and has 122 delegates.

Haley unlikely to gain momentum

This huge win not only shows that Trump remains very popular with Republicans in Michigan, but it also made Haley’s bid even more complicated.

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As the November election approaches, Trump’s growing support in Michigan shows that he has the ability to once again play a major role in the national political scene.