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Michigan NewsWayne County partners with RIP Medical Debt to erase $700 million in...

Wayne County partners with RIP Medical Debt to erase $700 million in medical debt for local residents

Wayne County, Michigan – Wayne County has announced a groundbreaking initiative to work with the national nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to help its residents get rid of up to $700 million in medical debt. This kind action is meant to help people who are emotionally and financially stressed out because they can’t pay their medical bills.

RIP Medical Debt, which is known for working to get rid of medical debt across the country, will work with hospitals, health systems, and doctors’ groups to find Wayne County residents who can get their debts forgiven. To be eligible, people must either make less than four times the federal poverty level or have medical debts that take up at least five percent of their annual income.

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In a departure from conventional debt relief programs, people in Wayne County will not have to go through the difficult process of applying for relief. In its place, RIP Medical Debt will find people who qualify and negotiate with healthcare providers to buy the debt in large batches. If the negotiations go well, a letter will be sent to the affected residents telling them that their medical debt has been forgiven.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, who is in charge of Wayne County’s Department of Health, Human, and Veterans Services, explained that the medical debt isn’t meant to happen and how bad it is for people’s credit scores and their ability to get loans or take advantage of other money-making opportunities.

“With this courageous step, Wayne County is stepping in to end that,” he stated, emphasizing how the initiative could give many people back their financial freedom and hope.

The funding for this ambitious project partially comes from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), showcasing the government’s commitment to addressing the financial fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allison Sesso, CEO and President of RIP Medical Debt, was excited about the partnership and said it could help the most vulnerable people in the community deal with their medical debt in a much healthier way. The group plans to let people know when debts are negotiated and forgiven, which will show how far they’ve come in their mission to help people in Wayne County.

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Many people see this partnership as a beacon of hope because it promises to not only get rid of debt, but also restore dignity and open up new opportunities for people who have been held back by the financial effects of health problems.