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Michigan NewsArab, Muslim and Black voters will punish Biden and might bring the...

Arab, Muslim and Black voters will punish Biden and might bring the victory to Trump in Michigan

Michigan – Michigan is a key swing state expected to directly impact the presidential race later this year. Recently, United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain endorsed President Biden, a decision that made Trump angry. The 400,000-member union is a huge boost for Biden who seeks re-election, but he fails to gain enough support from other groups in Michigan, including Arab, Muslim, and Black voters.

Arabs and Muslims in Michigan are working to beat President Biden in Michigan

Recently, Michigan State Representative Alabas Farhat, among other Arab-American leaders, declined a meeting with Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the campaign manager for Biden, in January.

“If the president wants to start that process, it’s only feasible through a cease-fire [in Gaza],” Farhat said. “That’s the only way you can even restart the conversation.”

Imam Omar Suleiman, in a sermon, implied that while Biden seeks the Arab-American vote in Michigan, their support shouldn’t be automatically given to him.

“And then your president wants to come to your community and make sure that you’re still going to vote with him and vote for him in November,” Suleiman said to congregants. “I hope you’ve sent him the right message.”

“After the sermon and prayer, Abandon Biden co-chairs Khalid Turaani and Samraa Luqman made an announcement about the effort, urging congregants to show up and vote in a way that ensures Biden does not retain the presidency,” The Post reported. “Turaani told those gathered they had no right to complain if they did not make their voices heard.”

“For decades, we’ve squandered the power that we have here because [Democrats] were stringing us along, saying, ‘Vote for me, we’re not the other guy,’” Michigan State University assistant professor Shireen Al-Adeimi told the outlet. “This is such a dangerous time that we’re finally willing to use that card, and [Biden] thinks we’re bluffing.”

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Al-Adeimi also noted the diverse support for a cease-fire, showing that the call for peace transcends ethnic or religious lines, empowering the community to openly share their perspectives and demands.

The “Abandon Biden” movement clarifies they don’t back Trump, Biden’s potential rival for the 2024 election. Biden’s team hopes the Arab voters who backed him in Michigan in 2020 will support him again if faced with choosing between him and Trump.

Recent polls, including one by James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, show a drop in Biden’s popularity among Arab Americans. A poll from October revealed Biden’s approval among Arab Americans fell to 17 percent from 59 percent in 2020. Additionally, the poll indicated that two-thirds of Arab Americans disapprove of how Biden has handled the situation in Israel and Gaza.

Biden fails to gain enough support from important groups in Michigan, including Arab, Muslim, and Black voters.

Black voters in Michigan will punish the Democrats and make them pay the price

According to a recent article called “The Democrats Will Pay The Ultimate Price In 2024 For Ignoring Black Voters”, Adolph Mongo, an experienced political commentator, highlights a critical issue for Democrats in Michigan: their failure to connect with Black voters. He recalls a pivotal moment when the Michigan Chronicle, a paper that usually supports Democrats, endorsed a Republican candidate because the Democratic candidate ignored their requests for an interview. This incident is symbolic of the broader problem of the Democratic Party taking Black support for granted. As a result, Black voters in Michigan are feeling overlooked and disrespected, leading to a growing reluctance to support Democratic candidates, including President Joe Biden.

Biden fails to address the needs of Black voters in Michigan

Mongo points out that the dissatisfaction among Black voters is not just about being ignored; it’s about the Democratic Party not addressing their needs. Despite Biden’s efforts, his lack of engagement in Michigan’s largest city is seen as indicative of the party’s neglect.

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He also cited some historical examples where Black voters either supported Republicans or didn’t vote at all to protest the Democrats’ disregard. With many young Black men considering voting for Donald Trump and a general hesitancy towards supporting Biden, Mongo warns that the Democrats are risking a repeat of past failures if they don’t start genuinely respecting and engaging with their Black voter base.