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Flint Local NewsCity of Flint announced gun buyback event on Feb. 3. Bring your...

City of Flint announced gun buyback event on Feb. 3. Bring your gun and take money – no questions asked.

Flint, Michigan – On February 3, from noon to 5 p.m., the Flint Police Department is hosting a gun buyback event at the Cathedral of Faith Church, located at 6031 Dupont St., Flint, MI. People living in Flint can bring their rifles and handguns and get paid in cash right there. Those who will attend the event won’t be asked any questions when they hand over their guns.

Bring only guns that work, ammunition and guns that don’t work won’t be accepted

Remember, you can’t bring any ammunition to the church. This buyback event is happening thanks to funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. The main aim is to get and keep dangerous guns off the streets by paying people what these guns are worth.

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This event in Flint is specifically looking for guns that are the most dangerous and still working. Guns that don’t work and aren’t a direct threat to public safety won’t be accepted.

City of Flint will keep all the guns it collects while Michigan State Police figure out how to destroy them. They still have the guns from the gun buyback event they held in September 2023.

This gun buyback is just one part of Flint’s bigger plan to cut down on violent crime. After a big rise in murders in 2021, Flint’s Mayor Sheldon Neeley called it a gun violence emergency and started several safety projects.

Less weapons on Flint’s streets, less crime

With extra money from grants, the Flint Police Department set up a team to solve old cases, a program to protect witnesses, paid extra for officer overtime, and kept their intelligence center running all the time.

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Since 2021, murders in Flint have dropped by 40%.

Flint gun buyback in September 2023

The Flint Police Department collected 68 assault-style rifles at a gun bounty event on Saturday, September 23, 2023, at Cathedral of Faith Church. Flint residents were able to turn in weapons with no questions asked, for up to $500 cash based on the condition of the weapon.