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Flint Local NewsFlint water crisis figure Richard Baird files lawsuit over alleged constitutional violations

Flint water crisis figure Richard Baird files lawsuit over alleged constitutional violations

Flint, Michigan – Richard Baird, previously a special adviser to ex-Republican Governor Rick Snyder, has filed a lawsuit against several state attorneys, alleging that his Fifth and 14th Amendment rights were violated when he faced charges linked to the Flint water crisis. Baird was among nine individuals, including Snyder, accused in connection with the crisis. However, none of the cases advanced to trial because the Michigan Supreme Court invalidated the charges brought via a “one-man grand jury.”

In his lawsuit, filed on Monday, Baird claimed that his due process rights under the Fifth and 14th Amendments were breached by Attorney General Dana Nessel, former Solicitor General Fadwa Hammoud, and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who coordinated his prosecution. The suit argues that the use of a one-man grand jury to levy charges, along with the denial of a preliminary hearing, violated Baird’s constitutional rights.

Baird is seeking compensation for mental and emotional distress, pain and suffering, damage to his reputation, and punitive and exemplary damages. Additionally, he seeks approximately $800,000 in attorney fees for his defense in the criminal proceedings, as well as legal fees and costs for the lawsuit. He is also pursuing any other damages allowed under Section 1983 of Title 42 of the United States Code, which provides for civil action when rights are infringed.

Kimberly Bush, Director of Public Information for the Attorney General’s Office, stated in an email that she could not comment on the lawsuit as it was recently filed and had not yet been reviewed

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According to the Michigan Advance, Hammoud said she was unable to comment as litigation in the lawsuit is ongoing.

In an email, Maria Miller, director of communications for the Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor told the Advance: “The lawsuit will be addressed at the appropriate time in court, not outside of court.”

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