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Flint Local NewsFlint officers recognized for contributions to local economy and job market

Flint officers recognized for contributions to local economy and job market

Flint, Michigan – Last week, the City of Flint celebrated the recognition of two of its police officers, Lieutenant Ronald Dixon and Detective LaShabriane Kelly, with Impact Awards from Genesee Shiawassee Thumb (GST) Michigan Works! These awards acknowledge individuals who have significantly contributed to enhancing Michigan’s economy through job creation and talent development in their local areas.

Detective Kelly, who started her career at the Flint Police Department with guidance from GST Michigan Works!, received her award as a testament to both her achievements and the department’s successful recruitment initiatives. Starting her journey four years ago, she quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a homicide detective within just two years. Her journey is a prime example of how dedication and effort can lead to significant accomplishments in city-level public service.

Lieutenant Dixon was also celebrated for his role in leading the department’s recruitment and hiring strategies. His effective collaboration with GST Michigan Works! has resulted in the hiring of 42 new officers, enhancing the department’s capabilities and coverage. Dixon’s approach includes organizing interactive job fairs that introduce potential recruits to various aspects of police work, helping to attract and onboard proficient candidates and maintain optimal staffing levels.

These awards acknowledge individuals who have contributed to enhancing Michigan's economy through job creation and talent development
Detective LaShabriane Kelly and Lieutenant Ronald Dixon

“The opportunities available at the Flint Police Department are not just jobs; they are lifelong careers with growth potential and positive community impact,” Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “I want to congratulate and thank Lt. Dixon and Det. Kelly for demonstrating excellence in their fields and bringing these accolades to the Flint Police Department.”

The City of Flint is actively promoting hiring incentives for new members of their police and fire departments. Certified officers and fire suppression personnel are being offered a $7,500 bonus, while graduates from police and fire academies can receive a $5,000 bonus. Those interested in these positions can apply through the website at www.governmentjobs.com/careers/cityofflint.

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Following the declaration of a gun violence emergency by Mayor Neeley in 2021, the city has seen a 40% reduction in homicides. This success is largely attributed to several new public safety measures. Enhancing the police force remains a critical strategy, bolstered by initiatives such as a new cold case unit, a witness protection program, a gun bounty program, and round-the-clock operations at the intelligence center.