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Michigan NewsMich. man who threatened to kill Biden, Harris, killing federal agents and...

Mich. man who threatened to kill Biden, Harris, killing federal agents and bombing the White House held in jail without bond

Michigan – On Monday, authorities charged Russell Douglas Warren, a 48-year-old from Michigan, with making threats against President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. They claim he also talked about harming federal agents, taking out judges, and wanting to bomb Washington, D.C.

Threats against Biden, Harris, federal agents and the White House were written earlier this month

This legal action comes after Warren reportedly made several violent posts on X, previously Twitter, in the past period. In these posts, he talked about attacking various government officials, federal agents and destroying government property. His X profile, @Lancer227427, which had 22 people following it, was still up and running as of Tuesday.

On Thursday, the account featured a threat aimed at the nation’s capital: “A complete evacuation of Washington D.C. must begin immediately. We’re gonna drop a m—– f—— bomb on it.” Threats continued the next and on Friday, the man behind the X account posted the following: “Take Him to the Prisons to await Execution. He shall be Hanged.”

Growing number of people expected to make similar threats this year due to the presidential election

This situation is part of a growing trend of bomb threats and threats against public figures across the country. Russell Douglas Warren is the 12th person this year to face federal charges for threatening a public official, and since 2013, 579 individuals have been charged. This information comes from a study by Pete Simi from Chapman University and Seamus Hughes from the University of Nebraska, who work with the National Counterterrorism Innovation, Technology, and Education Center.

Michigan man threatened to kill President Biden, federal agents, and VP Harris on Twitter and is now held in jail without bond

A judge has decided that Warren should be kept in jail without the option for bail until his court hearing this Friday. He faces a serious charge for threatening the president and other successors, which could result in up to five years in a federal prison if he’s found guilty.

Attempts to get comments from Warren’s attorney, Bryan Sherer, haven’t received any response. The investigation into Warren began on Saturday when the U.S. Secret Service and FBI were alerted to his X account and the threats he made.

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Investigators looked into the account and found many threats that were almost the same, targeting different people. This included Vice President Harris, all judges past and present, and even talked about attacking the FBI’s main office.

The first name matched an X post from Thursday: “My name is Russ. After having a stroke, I was hospitalized in a nursing home. Unable to make my own medical decisions, I was forced to get vaccinated multiple times. I understand that I am dying. I understand that Donald Trump killed me.”

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The court documents reveal that Warren has a history of violence. In 2022, he was found guilty of attacking someone with a weapon.