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Michigan NewsMichigan gives Lucid Motors $6 million grant, the company to hire more...

Michigan gives Lucid Motors $6 million grant, the company to hire more than 260 people in the state

Michigan – On Tuesday, Michigan officials decided to give a $6 million boost to a company from California. This money is to help set up a new place in the Southfield area, close to big universities like Michigan State University. The company is Lucid Motors and it makes electric vehicles and wants to open an office in Southfield. They aim to bring out a new electric SUV named Gravity and other models.

Lucid Motors to invest $10 million and hire more than 260 people

The Michigan Strategic Fund said yes to a $6 million grant for Lucid Motors. This grant is performance-based type of grant. Lucid Motors is expected to hire at least 262 people and plan to spend $10 million in the next three years. The cost of their new building hasn’t been shared yet.

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Lucid Motors is setting up its first office that’s not for making stuff or research and development, shared Gale Halsey, senior vice president for human resources and a Michigan State University alumna. They’ve picked a spot in Southfield to set up shop for their engineering team first. The company might make it bigger, adding up to 50,000 square feet for office, big workspace, and labs, according to the governor’s office.

Lucid Motors is known for the Lucid Air vehicle, which was named the best car of the year by MotorTrend in 2021. The Air is already in production, and the company’s new electric SUV, Gravity, is supposed to start being made by the end of 2024. Making cars lighter can lead to cheaper and more eco-friendly options, explained James Hawkins, who’s in charge of engineering at Lucid.

Halsey mentioned they haven’t settled on the exact spot yet but are keen on Southfield for its easy reach to big universities. Southfield is not too far from MSU and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The rivalry between UM and MSU is already a thing in their California offices, Halsey added. They’re on the lookout for skilled engineers, which is a big reason they chose Michigan, known for its auto industry. They’re planning to create more jobs down the line. A visit by the Michigan governor to Lucid’s headquarters also helped in making their decision to choose Michigan, according to Halsey.

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“The technology in the latest EV is mind-blowing, and Lucid is really pushing the innovation envelope with the Gravity,” said Maureen Donohue Krauss, president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Partnership, which served as lead on the project, in a press release.

“This is exactly the kind of company we want to add to our automotive and mobility sector. As they innovate, they will grow, expand their footprint, create more jobs, and attract other innovators; strengthening our position as the Global Epicenter of Mobility.”