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Michigan NewsDemocrats have just put RFK Jr. next to Trump on billboards in...

Democrats have just put RFK Jr. next to Trump on billboards in Michigan: “Powered by MAGA/Trump”

There is almost no chance that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will get the Democratic nomination for president. President Joe Biden is widely expected to be the party’s nominee, and he will likely run against the Republican nominee in November’s general election. Even though the odds are against him, RFK Jr.’s campaign for the White House is still ongoing. He continues to seek support from Democratic voters all over the country, showing his strong commitment to achieving his political goals. However, he faces strong opposition in Michigan.

The Democratic Party put up four billboards against Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Michigan

The Democratic Party has stepped up its campaign against Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s attempt to become president by putting up four billboards in Michigan. These billboards point out his connection to a group called American Values 2024 and its financial support from Timothy Mellon, a donor who also supports Donald Trump.

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“RFK Jr. isn’t fooling anyone. He’s powered and bankrolled by the same extreme MAGA donor as Donald Trump, and Trump’s allies have already called him a useful chaos agent in this election,” DNC rapid response director Alex Floyd said in a statement. “Michiganders deserve better than a stalking horse for extreme MAGA Republicans.”

The billboards show a picture of Kennedy next to a picture of Trump, with a message in the middle saying, “RFK Jr. supported by Trump’s MAGA. Biggest donor: Timothy Mellon.”

Democrats have stepped up their campaign against Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s attempt to become president by putting up four billboards in Michigan

A group that supports Trump has also donated money to RFK Jr. campaign

Records from the Federal Election Commission show that in 2023, American Values 2024, which supports Kennedy, got $15 million from Mellon. Mellon also gave $10 million to MAGA Inc., a group supporting Trump, that same year.

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The Democratic Party has launched a billboard campaign in Grand Rapids, criticizing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the group American Values 2024. They claim Kennedy is wrongly getting help from the Super PAC, which is working to have him on the ballot in every state.

The Democratic Party made a formal complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Friday. They argue that it’s against the law for the group to pay for people to collect signatures and assist Kennedy in getting on the ballot in key states like Michigan and Illinois.

Kennedy’s campaign response to the accusations

In response, a representative for Kennedy’s campaign argued back, saying that donors are fed up with the usual two-party system. This frustration is what’s driving their support for Kennedy’s unexpected campaign.

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“Donors from across the political spectrum are supporting the Kennedy campaign as they are tired of the corruption in the two-party system,” the spokesperson said in a statement to the Hill. “Instead, donors want an independent candidate who will heal the divide, restore the middle class, end the forever wars, unravel corporate capture, and the end chronic disease epidemic.”