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Michigan NewsSeveral Democratic elected leaders continue to undermine Biden’s bid in Michigan, Gov....

Several Democratic elected leaders continue to undermine Biden’s bid in Michigan, Gov. Whitmer calls for support

Michigan – President Biden secured a victory in Michigan during the 2020 election, yet this does not guarantee a repeat outcome in the current year. Despite his attempts to rally support from various important factions, Biden faces challenges in winning them over in Michigan, where some have openly opposed various policies of his administration. The political landscape in Michigan is becoming increasingly difficult for Biden, with growing pressure as several Democratic leaders begin to challenge his initiatives.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking Democratic leaders who want to vote "uncommitted" in Michigan's next primary to think hard twice

Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls for Biden support

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is asking Democratic leaders who want to vote “uncommitted” in Michigan’s next primary to think hard about the impact of potentially having former President Donald Trump win another term. They’re doing this instead of supporting President Joe Biden.

A new effort called “Listen to Michigan” is trying to get Democrats who don’t like Biden’s support for Israel during its fight with Hamas in Gaza—which has led to the death of civilians—to show their discontent. They’re encouraged to vote in the Democratic presidential primary on February 27 but to mark their ballots as “uncommitted” as a form of protest.

“Uncommitted Michigan Democrats opposed to Biden’s policy in Gaza can demonstrate that we hold his margin of victory for re-election,” the campaign’s website states.

When asked if she thinks it’s wrong for Democratic leaders to back the “uncommitted” vote strategy, Whitmer emphasized the importance of remembering what’s at stake in the upcoming presidential election.

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Whitmer believes this election is critical because of the many important issues at hand. She recognizes that people have different opinions and that’s perfectly okay.

She points out that a lot could be lost if people don’t keep in mind the big picture, including the negative effects of a possible second term for the former president, especially for communities already affected by international events.

As a major supporter of Biden in Michigan, Whitmer is actively working to help him get reelected by co-chairing his campaign. She’s also using her ability to raise funds through the Fight Like Hell PAC to support Biden’s stay in the White House.

Mayor Hammoud and the group continue to oppose Biden

This week, Dearborn’s Mayor Abdullah Hammoud revealed that the Listen to Michigan campaign has gained the backing of over 30 officials from southeast Michigan. This area is known for its significant Arab American and Muslim populations, who have criticized the Biden administration’s stance on Israel.

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Hammoud shared a letter stating a strong call for the Biden Administration to push for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza. This letter was from officials who promised to vote “uncommitted” in the upcoming primary. Hammoud, along with other leaders from the Arab American community, recently turned down a meeting with Biden’s campaign team.

At least five Democratic state representatives are supporting the Listen to Michigan campaign, including Abraham Aiyash, Erin Byrnes, Alabas Farhat, Karen Whitsett, and Dylan Wegela.

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Biden won over Trump in Michigan by over 154,000 votes in the 2020 elections. However, Trump had previously won Michigan in 2016, marking the first Republican win there since 1988, by a margin of nearly 11,000 votes over Hillary Clinton. The Listen to Michigan campaign aims to highlight the potential power of undecided Democratic voters in Michigan in determining whether Biden could win a second term.