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Flint Local NewsFlint Community Schools Superintendent calls for financial help as the district faces...

Flint Community Schools Superintendent calls for financial help as the district faces a large debt

Flint, Michigan – Flint Community Schools need help to get rid of a huge debt that totals around $56 million. Superintendent Kevelin Jones mentioned that the school district is in deep trouble with debt and they’re short by $14 million for their usual operations.

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Jones explains that the district gets $20 million from a specific kind of government funding, but this cash can’t be used for fixing buildings or cutting down their debt. That’s why he’s reaching out to the Michigan Department of Education, hoping they can step in to help with the debt issue.

With some assistance in dealing with this financial burden, Flint schools have plans to improve their buildings, start new educational programs, and they might even think about opening a new high school.

Second call for Flint Community Schools’ debt relief funding this month

This call comes just weeks after the President of the Michigan State Board of Education (SBE) called Michigan authorities to chime in and help Flint Community Schools (FCS) to fix the problem with the debt. Pamela Pugh, SBE president, confirmed earlier this month that the school district is facing financial struggles and asked state leaders for immediate and decisive action.

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“As FCS stares down a daunting operational deficit in the upcoming fiscal year, coupled with the imminent depletion of ESSER funds, we are on the brink of a full-blown financial emergency. This is not merely a budgetary shortfall; it’s a looming catastrophe that threatens the educational future of our children,” said Pugh.

While one-time grant won’t fix the problems in the long run, Pugh called Michigan Gov. Whitmer and state leaders directly to include a one-time grant in the next state budget that would help Flint Community Schools with the ever-growing debt. She mentioned the state’s duty and commitment to help Flint’s residents and students in their educational journey, something which is in line with Gov. Whitmer plans that she once again repeated last week.

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Michigan leaders already approved funding for similar purpose to six school districts

Providing a grant for Flint Community Schools won’t be something new. Michigan state leaders already approved $114 million in debt relief funding to six school districts in Pontiac, Benton Harbor, Muskegon Heights, Ypsilanti, and the former Willow Run Community and Inkster Schools. So, there is no reason the state shouldn’t help Flint Community Schools when they face the very same problem as the above mentioned.