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Flint Local NewsFlint Community Schools and electric buses – combo for the future

Flint Community Schools and electric buses – combo for the future

Flint, Michigan – Flint Community Schools is thrilled to share news about a game-changing project that will make the local environment better, improve student health, and shape the future of how Flint students travel to and from school. Thanks to a big grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Flint Community Schools is getting ten new electric school buses. This is a big move towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly world.

EPA’s grant worth $39 million enough for 100 electric buses

The EPA has given over $39 million to First Student, Inc., a big name in transportation, to get more than 100 electric buses for schools in the Midwest. Flint Community Schools will get ten of these modern electric buses. This shows Flint Community Schools dedication to lessening the impact on the planet and keeping Flint students healthy and safe.

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Moving from old gas buses to new electric ones is a huge step for Flint Community Schools in becoming more eco-friendly. These electric buses are great for many reasons – they make the air cleaner, they’re better for the environment, and they might even help with energy needs in new ways, like sending power back to the grid or buildings.

Flint Community Schools to optimize bus routes for electric buses

When Flint Community Schools switch to electric school buses, a big worry is how charging them will affect bus routes. But there’s no need to worry. First Student uses smart planning to pick the right battery size and chargers for the buses. This makes sure the bus routes in Flint Community Schools stay just as good as they are now, even with the new buses.

Flint Community Schools is still working closely with First Student, Inc., and they don’t expect any changes there. It’s important to know that, according to the rules of the Clean School Bus Program, First Student owns the buses. This means Flint Community Schools can count on them to keep things running smoothly, even if something unexpected happens.

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Now’s a great time to start using electric school buses because of a few big reasons:

  • Michigan’s mandate for all school buses to be electric by 2030.
  • Depletion of federal funding for traditional buses
  • Decreasing availability of make-ready programs from utilities
  • Widespread adoption of electric buses beyond political boundaries
  • Increasing diesel prices and diminishing diesel engine availability

Flint Community Schools is excited to lead the way in taking care of the environment, using cleaner buses, and making a better future for our students and community. And Flint Community Schools is not alone in this. Other school districts around Mid-Michigan, like Chesaning, Beecher, and Mayville, also got grants last year for these eco-friendly buses.

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Flint Community Schools is looking forward to the good things these electric buses will bring to the Flint community.