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Flint Local NewsFlint cracks down on illegal dumping, vehicles involved will be confiscated

Flint cracks down on illegal dumping, vehicles involved will be confiscated

Flint, Michigan – The City of Flint is stepping up its battle against blight, issuing a stern warning to those illegally dumping waste: if caught, your vehicle will be confiscated. The city is taking a tough stance not just by prosecuting illegal dumpers but also by seizing and potentially taking ownership of any vehicles used in the act.

Recently, Flint authorities confiscated a truck involved in illegal dumping and plan to continue this approach with any vehicle implicated in such activities. Flint’s laws declare that vehicles used for illegal dumping are considered a public nuisance and can be forfeited to the city.

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In a specific incident, Flint Police were alerted about a pickup truck seen discarding trash on an empty plot at the corner of West Pierson Rd. and Laurene St., near Flint Park Lake. Officers observed the truck pulling a trailer loaded with waste and additional trash scattered around the area. The suspect involved was arrested, and the truck was taken by the city. Following this, Flint filed for the legal forfeiture of the vehicle, which was approved by the Circuit Court on May 21.

“We are preparing for a Safe and Clean Summer in the city of Flint by addressing blight that threatens public safety, public health, and wellbeing in neighborhoods,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “We are sending a message to those harming the community’s well-being through acts of public nuisance: if you are caught, the vehicle you used to commit those acts is forfeit and belongs to the City of Flint. That is an expensive consequence that should not be taken lightly.”

According to the City’s regulations, vehicles involved in illegal activities, including illegal dumping, are classified as public nuisances and are therefore eligible for forfeiture. This measure aims to mitigate such nuisances by removing the vehicles used in these activities from circulation. Vehicles involved in other disruptive behaviors, like reckless driving that endangers public safety, also fall under this category.

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The city encourages anyone who sees illegal dumping to report it to Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL (5245). All reports are confidential. If a tip provided to Crimestoppers leads to the arrest of someone involved in illegal dumping, the informant may receive a cash reward.