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Michigan NewsMichigan Court of Appeals: More than 250 people serving life sentences could...

Michigan Court of Appeals: More than 250 people serving life sentences could get out of prison

Michigan – Over 250 prisoners serving life sentences in Michigan now have a chance for reduced terms, following a key ruling by the Michigan Court of Appeals, according to lawyers.

A ruling from 2022 provides the opportunity

The court decided that a 2022 ruling, which stops automatic life sentences for 18-year-olds convicted of murder, also applies to those already in jail, even those imprisoned for many years.

In a close decision (2-1), the court discussed the case of John Poole. Poole was 18 when he took part in a deadly shooting in Wayne County. In 2002, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and, as per Michigan laws, received a life sentence without the chance of parole.

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Now 41, Poole can go back to court to seek a reduced sentence with the possibility of parole. His attorneys can mention factors like brain development and his upbringing, plus his behavior in prison, to support his case.

State Appellate Defender Office representative agrees with the Michigan Court of Appeals decision

Maya Menlo, from the State Appellate Defender Office, expressed satisfaction with the decision. She said Poole and others who got similar sentences have the right to show they can change for the better.

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In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that murderers under 18 cannot be automatically sentenced to life without parole. Michigan’s Supreme Court later included 18-year-olds in this ruling. However, it wasn’t clear until now if this applied to those already serving sentences.