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Flint Local NewsPercentage of licensed teenage drivers constantly decreases. Michigan's Secretary of State wants...

Percentage of licensed teenage drivers constantly decreases. Michigan’s Secretary of State wants to change that.

Flint, Michigan – Michigan’s Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, has set a new objective to reintroduce driver’s education into local school curriculums.

Michigan’s Secretary of State announces driving lessons class in public schools

During her visit to Kearsley High School in Genesee County on Monday, a place where driver’s ed is still taught, Benson shared her plans. She noted that over the last 20 years, driver’s education has largely moved to the private sector, leaving many families to independently seek out and pay for their teenagers’ driving lessons, often at a significant cost.

Benson now wants to change that and help Michiganders when it comes to the cost caused by driving lessons for teenagers.

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During her visit, she emphasized that the state is now taking steps to bring driver’s education back into schools to ease the financial and logistical burden on families. Additionally, she mentioned that the state is considering grants for families who opt for private driver’s training.

Concerning data shows less and less teenage drivers in Michigan

Highlighting a concerning trend, Benson mentioned data indicating a decrease in the percentage of licensed teenage drivers in Michigan, from 66% two decades ago to 56% now.

Chandra Madafferi, President of the Michigan Education Association, along with local students, joined Benson to express their support for the initiative to alter driver’s education practices in the state.

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To make this initiative a success, Benson stated that it would require the backing of local legislators.