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Michigan NewsTrump slams Biden in recent Michigan statewide poll, first time leads the...

Trump slams Biden in recent Michigan statewide poll, first time leads the presidential race in Michigan

Michigan – Former President Donald Trump is in the middle of several very serious legal processes that will directly impact his presidential run in the coming months. He enjoys great support and is the front-runner for the Republican nomination in the primaries that are set to start very soon in some states. In Michigan, Donald Trump leads the presidential race and leads President Joe Biden by double digits, if the results of a recent poll are correct.

A recent Michigan poll finds that Donald Trump enjoys the majority of the support

According to the poll by The News and WDIV-TV, Republican candidate Donald Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden in Michigan by 8 percentage points. Even though there are 10 months until the presidential election and some will say there is no room for panic, Joe Biden’s support in Michigan is not stable in a potential head-to-head matchup with Trump.

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The Glengariff Group, the company behind the survey, has been tracking Donald Trump’s popularity since 2016. Their latest poll, done between January 2 and 6, showed Trump leading over the likely Democratic candidate in Michigan for the first time before an election. Richard Czuba, the founder of Glengariff Group, explained this to The News.

Early January 2024 poll in Michigan shows that Trump leads Biden by 8 points in a potential head-to-head matchup

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden head-to-head matchup survey numbers

The survey of 600 likely general election voters in the battleground state found that only 17% said Biden, the Democratic incumbent, deserved another term leading the country. That number marked a low for a major public officeholder in modern Michigan political history, said Richard Czuba, founder of the Glengariff Group, which conducted the poll.

In a hypothetical match-up between Biden and Trump, who is dealing with numerous criminal charges, 47% preferred Trump, while 39% chose Biden. This gives Trump an 8-point lead. The poll, which has a 4-point margin of error, also found that 3% would vote for a different candidate, and 11% hadn’t decided yet.

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Trump’s advantage increased to 12 points when the poll included third-party candidates. Both Biden and Trump are expected to emerge this year as their parties’ nominees.

The political environment in Michigan

Democrats have total control in Michigan. In November 2022, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer won her reelection campaign by more than 10 percentage points, and Democrats have taken control of the state government. This shows that Michiganders are more supportive of the Democrats, at least they used to be.

On the other hand, the Republican Party in Michigan is going through a lot lately. A few days ago, the Michigan GOP State Committee said that members voted to expel its chair, Kristen Karamo. Karamo found this decision unlawful and illegitimate and refused to leave the position. Karamo was elected less than a year ago, in February 2023. She said on social media that “the meeting was not an official meeting of the State Committee.”

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The recent survey might help the party recover from the recent political turmoil and move forward together toward achieving its main goal of winning the presidential election in November this year.