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Flint Local NewsDig deep into AI: University of Michigan-Flint is hosting Generative AI event...

Dig deep into AI: University of Michigan-Flint is hosting Generative AI event on March 7

Flint, Michigan – ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALL-E are examples of generative artificial intelligence, a type of technology that can create text, pictures, videos, music, programming, and more just by understanding human instructions. This amazing tech is changing a lot of areas like business, art, and education, making things we never thought possible happen every day. It’s not just a shortcut or a way to cheat; it’s actually a tool that can help teachers prepare students for a future filled with ongoing tech advances and changes.

On March 7, the University of Michigan-Flint is going to dig deep into how these AI tools are making big waves in education during the “Frances Willson Thompson Critical Issues Conference: Generative AI in Education.” This gathering will bring together teachers and learners from schools and colleges to really think about how generative AI is reshaping learning and our world.

“The implications of generative AI are of increasing interest to educators, administrators and policymakers, who are dealing with tough questions regarding the proper use of such tools in learning, teaching and student support,” said Sapna Thwaite, UM-Flint vice provost for academic affairs. “Rather than blanket bans against GAI, there is a pressing need for all stakeholders to explore the transformative potential of GAI in preparing the next generation for the realities of the world in which they will live, work and learn.”

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The event kicks off with breakfast and a welcome speech, then shifts into panel discussions featuring both college and high school students from UM-Flint. There will also be smaller group sessions on a variety of topics such as how to use AI ethically in education, applying AI to grade assignments, the growing need to understand information better, among others. Everyone can see what sessions will be available by checking online here.

The day will wrap up with a dinner and a special talk by Punya Mishra, who is a big name in educational technology at Arizona State University. He’s known globally for his insights into how technology affects learning, the importance of creativity and design in education, and how to innovate in teaching.

UM-Flint is at the forefront of research into this new area, offering a no-cost, online course on how to write effective prompts for generative AI. This is part of their effort to make sure everyone can make the most of AI in their daily lives. Over the 2023-24 school year, UM-Flint’s teachers have participated in five workshops to dive deep into AI topics ahead of this conference.

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Click here to read all the details about this event hosted by UM-Flint.