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Michigan NewsA "slap in the face.": Biden is losing Black male Michigan voters...

A “slap in the face.”: Biden is losing Black male Michigan voters for sending money overseas as frustrations grows

Michigan – Many Black male voters in Michigan are upset with President Biden and the Democrats. They are annoyed because the administration has given a lot of money to Ukraine, which they see as a betrayal, and calling it a “slap in the face.” At the same time, Trump is getting more popular, especially since it looks like he will be the Republican choice again. Meanwhile, Biden isn’t doing too well in getting support in Michigan.

Trump leads Biden in Michigan

Biden and the Democratic Party also struggle in Michigan to gain significant support. A recent poll showed that Trump significantly leads Biden in Michigan. The survey of 600 likely general election voters in the battleground state found that only 17% said Biden, the Democratic incumbent, deserved another term leading the country. That number marked a low for a major public officeholder in modern Michigan political history, according to Richard Czuba, founder of the Glengariff Group, which conducted the poll. And things are getting worse for Biden.

“If you can send $800 million to Ukraine, you can’t tell me you can’t facilitate that student loan situation whatsoever,” Demar Byas, who lives in Michigan, told the Post. “Student loans, homelessness, some of that could have been eradicated. But then we sent that money overseas.” “It’s a slap in the face [from] this administration when you watch billions go to other countries and there’s no resources for people right here,” Kerry Tolbert, another Pontiac resident, agreed.

Michigan voters are seeking real solutions from Biden, not just promises

Some people told the Post they might not even vote in 2024. Killian-Bey, 59, said the Democrats need to offer real solutions, not just promises. He explained that just because they don’t support the other side doesn’t mean they’ll automatically vote Democrat. Norman Clement, who started the Change Initiative, said he’s lost faith in the Democrats really addressing their concerns.

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“All of a sudden, at the last minute in August or September, it’s ‘Black men, can you help save us again?’” Clement said. “Black men are not running to the Republican Party. What they’re doing is sitting at home, doing their own thing, creating their own ecosystems and initiatives. At this point, I have no hope for Democrats to speak to our needs.”

Black Michigan voters are disappointed of Biden and the White House administration and probably won't vote for Biden later this year

Another voter, Travis Glasper, appreciated how direct former President Trump was. He liked that Trump seemed transparent, with no hidden agendas. To him, Trump’s honesty was preferable to being misled.

Michigan Black voters won’t support Trump either, they choose to not vote this year

None of the interviewed voters were willing to support Trump. Kermit Williams mentioned that it’s more probable Black men will choose not to vote at all in the next election. Byas, however, said he’d still vote for Biden in 2024, calling him the “lesser of two evils.”

The Biden campaign acknowledged the importance of not overlooking any voter groups.

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“We know we can’t take any voters for granted, especially Black voters, young voters, who’ve been a crucial bloc for the Biden-Harris coalition,” Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign, told the Post. “We have work to do to remind these communities of what we’ve accomplished for them in the first three years.”

Black voters have expressed reluctance to support Biden for re-election over the past year. Concerns have ranged from his age to his stance on Israel.

Michigan Democrats are concerned about how the president is perceived in the state. One concern highlighted was his support for Israel, which some believe is negatively impacting his standing.

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David Haener, a Michigan Democrat, pointed out that the president’s position is alienating a significant group of voters in Michigan, wishing Biden would recognize the extent of the demographic he’s neglecting.