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Michigan NewsMichigan progressive activists furious after Republicans’ cruel plans to ban gender-affirming care...

Michigan progressive activists furious after Republicans’ cruel plans to ban gender-affirming care for everyone go public

Michigan – Republican politicians are working on new rules to stop all gender-affirming treatments, which help people transitioning, for everyone, no matter their age. This is despite the risk of serious harm from not getting this important health care.

An audio that went public reveals Republican representatives’ plans

A leaked conversation from a Twitter chat led by Brad Paquette, a state representative, showed Republican representatives from Michigan and Ohio planning to get rid of health care for transgender people for all ages.

Josh Schriver, another state representative, started the talk about their final goal: “In terms of endgame, why are we allowing these practices for anyone?” he asked. “It’s harmful across the board and that’s something we need to take into consideration,” Schriver insisted on the online forum. “It’s wrong for everyone and we shouldn’t be allowing it to happen.”

Gender-affirming care includes a variety of crucial health services for transgender and non-binary individuals, such as mental health support, medical treatments, and social help. Research for many years has proven that this care is essential for the health and happiness of transgender and non-binary individuals dealing with the challenges of their gender identity.

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Other Republicans involved in the discussion included Michigan’s Lana Theis and Jonathan Lindsey, Tom Kunse, and Ohio’s Gary Click. Click, who proposed a law to ban transgender health care in Ohio, agreed with Schriver’s idea to prohibit gender-affirming care for everyone, calling it a “very smart thought.”

“What we know legislatively is we have to take small bites,” Click told Schriver.

Republican politicians are working on new rules to stop all gender-affirming treatments and leaked audio clearly shows their cruel plans

Anti-trans activists support the idea that sparked debate

Anti-trans activist Prisha Mosley also lauded Schriver’s remarks.

“I’ve kind of been waiting for a state or a representative or anyone to be brave enough to address that,” she said. “Most of these doctors are straight-up lying about the effects and saying it’ll magically cure every bad feeling you’ve ever had and that you can magically change sex.”

All the major health organizations, like the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association, agree that gender-affirming care is crucial for people to live as their true gender. Studies have also found that this kind of health care can save lives by making transgender individuals healthier and happier.

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In Michigan, Democratic politicians have passed laws and Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed them, providing new rights for LGBTQ people. These include adding protections to the state’s civil rights law against discrimination for being LGBTQ, and making it illegal for therapists to try to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity, known as “conversion therapy.”

However, Republican politicians in various parts of the United States are focusing more on making it harder for transgender people to get medical care.

Over a dozen states have already made laws that stop gender-affirming care for teenagers. States like Oklahoma, Texas, and South Carolina are thinking about making even stricter laws that would affect transgender individuals up to 26 years old.

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Nine out of 400 proposed laws that would limit the rights and freedoms are in Michigan

The ACLU is keeping an eye on nearly 400 proposed laws that would limit the rights and freedoms of LGBTQ individuals, including nine proposals in Michigan.

At the end of their discussion, Schriver reiterated his plan to propose a law that would ban all types of gender-affirming care for “all people.”Top of Form

Paquette responded: “We’ll chat offline about all this good stuff.”

The exchange has since drawn criticism from progressive activists across the state—namely because Republican lawmakers rarely spell out their anti-trans policy strategies so clearly.

“Gone are the flimsy and veiled comments—now they’re admitting to their real intention: stripping away trans people’s fundamental right to pursue care that’s right for them,” Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan, said in a statement. “Of course, this isn’t just about the procedures themselves. It’s about the hate, bigotry, and cruelty that drives right-wing extremists, to the point where they would rather see trans people suffer than simply let them exist.”

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Schriver, Paquette, and Kunse were elected in 2022. Their current terms end on Jan. 1, 2025.