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Michigan NewsOver 75% of traditionally reliable Democratic group voted for Biden in 2020,...

Over 75% of traditionally reliable Democratic group voted for Biden in 2020, but they might fail him now: threat

Recently, President Joe Biden received a significant endorsement in Michigan from Shawn Fain, the President of the United Auto Workers. This backing is seen as an important part of Biden’s campaign to stay in office, as it shows that he is trying hard to win over working-class Americans. Fain, who spoke for the union’s 400,000 members, defended his choice by pointing out Biden’s commitment to American workers. He specifically mentioned Biden’s support for the UAW’s strike last fall as a manifestation of his priorities.

Van Jones expressed concern that President Biden needs to work hard to win back the trust of young Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan

Biden fails to get support from key groups in Michigan

However, Biden is having trouble getting the support of some very important groups in Michigan, such as Arab, Muslim, and Black voters. Because Michigan is a key swing state, the support of these groups could have a significant impact on the election outcome in November if things don’t change meanwhile. Even though the Biden campaign has tried to get closer to these voters, their support has not yet reached the levels seen in 2020.

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Top Obama officials warns Biden campaign

Recently, Van Jones, a former official from the Obama era, expressed concern that President Biden needs to work hard to win back the trust of young Arab and Muslim voters. They’re upset with his support for Israel during the conflict in Gaza.

In Michigan, Arab and Muslim voters are seriously unhappy with Biden’s stance on Israel, accusing him of contributing to severe wrongdoing.

Michigan’s Arab American community, which has strongly supported the Democratic Party, with Biden winning more than 75% of the vote in Dearborn in 2020, is reconsidering its support. There’s a growing movement within this group to stop supporting Biden due to his response to the situation in Gaza.

A recent CNN show with Erin Burnett highlighted Biden’s efforts to reconnect with Arab American voters by visiting Michigan. The show included interviews with young voters and a former Biden campaign worker who now refuses to support him, blaming him for the loss of Palestinian lives.

When questioned about the risk of aiding Donald Trump’s re-election by withdrawing support from Biden, a former worker from Biden’s campaign admitted, “It probably will. “We have seen four years of Trump and we have seen four years of Biden and people don’t really see a difference between the presidents.”

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Biden’s policy on Gaza and Israel top problem for key voters in Michigan

Erin Burnett then spoke with Van Jones regarding the ex-campaign staffer who criticized Biden’s foreign policy towards Gaza. She mentioned the staffer’s declaration to a CNN reporter in Michigan about his decision not to vote for Biden again, fearing it might benefit Trump, because he finds Biden untrustworthy.

“It’s a big problem for him right now,” Jones said. “There are four syllables that are aimed at him. ‘Genocide Joe.’ That is becoming something you’re hearing from the younger people, the younger voters in the Arab American community.”

He then added that while Biden can turn it around, it will take serious effort to do so.

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“I think that he can turn it around, but you’ve got to be honest right now. You’ve got disappointment in the base with how he’s handling the war in Gaza,” Jones said. “Now, the reality is Joe Biden has deep ties and long friendships in the Muslim community, Arab community. He can get back there but he’s got his work cut out for him right now.”