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Detroit Local News14th Street paves the way for wireless electric vehicle charging in Detroit

14th Street paves the way for wireless electric vehicle charging in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan – Detroit has recently opened its first road that can wirelessly charge electric vehicles, but the charging feature on 14th Street isn’t ready for public use yet. This road is part of several innovative ventures in Detroit and across Michigan aimed at finding new ways to charge cars and improve transportation.

Revealed in November, this road is located in Detroit’s mobility area, near the Michigan Central Station. The idea is to power electric cars simply by driving on this road. This is possible due to special coils placed under the road surface.

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For a car to get charged, it needs a special receiver attached to its underside. When a car with this receiver drives over, it gets power wirelessly through a magnetic field. However, this technology isn’t open to the public as of now.

Tests to continue in the coming weeks

Testing will continue on 14th Street. Michigan Central stated on Facebook that they will conduct thorough tests to refine the technology.

Electreon, the company leading this project, is based in the Michigan Central hub, working alongside many other transportation startups. They’re planning to expand this wireless charging technology, including installing it beneath US-12, with plans to start taking project bids in 2024.